Nightly News   |  December 01, 2013

What’s next for train derailment victims?

NBC’s Katy Tur gives an update on the New York train derailment victims.

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>> reporter: officials say the accident left four dead and 63 injured. we're here where some of the victim were taken including a man who may end up paralyzed from all this. fortunately, despite the harrowing image us just saw, most of the passengers only had minor injuries. dennis o'neal was in one of the first few cars that careened off the tracks and slid to the river.

>> the chairs came out. the woman was hitting me and a couple people were hurt very badly right in front of me. the woman in front of me was bleeding from her head pretty bad.

>> reporter: remarkably he only suffered minor bumps and bruises. the same for sheryl who was more visibly shaken than anything else.

>> as we were going over, i look at my two friends, i screamed. my friends were going over.

>> reporter: authorities say four people lost their lives. three of whom were ejected from their seats and thrown out of broken wind owes.

>> the most horrible thing. i saw a dead body . they covered with it the white sheet and then the, it is breath taking.

>> reporter: the injured were taken to four area hospitals. lisa's cousin was one of them.

>> that's when everything happened very, very quickly. hit her on the side of the head. i saw the woman in front of her go through other window. her glass broke. she hung on to the side rails like a monkey while the train was flipping and the rocks were coming in will.

>> reporter: first responders rushed to triage the victims. 11 suffered critical injuries.

>> we had several people that were either trapped under cars or partially under cars. we had a list of cars using airbags. we did a little cutting to get better access to some of the folks underneath the cars as well as in the car.

>> reporter: two of the critical were taken hear to st. barnabas. a level one trauma center in the bronx. dr. earnest is the senior physician tanning.

>> we're all very upset for everybody in this accident. especially those people who have lost their lives and that should be the paramount thing. we should all keep them in our prayers.

>> reporter: many of the injuries they're seeing are broken bones , especially clavicle brakes which are consistent with being thrown around. and the officers only had minor injuries. the youngest victim is a 14-year-old boy. he was only bruised and was discharged earlier today.