Nightly News   |  December 02, 2013

Holiday shoppers spend less than last year

Increasingly, shoppers are expecting bigger and better deals. Since 2009, the number of discounts at big department stores and clothing chains have gone up 63 percent. NBC’s John Yang reports.

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>>> this is the big day every year for online christmas shopping . otherwise known as cyber monday. early numbers show shopping on the web is up over last year so far. over the holiday weekend the national retail federation says 141 million of us went shopping. just a slightly larger number than last year. enough to cause frenzies, even violence in some places as we saw. we learned today black friday spending was down for the first time in sevenen years. down 2.7% according to the early figures. john yang has the story for us tonight from chicago. john, good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, brian. it appears the big box store strategy of opening early on thursday may have come at the expense of black friday. traffic on friday dropped 11% from last year. sales down 13%. those who did shop were focused on bargains. the average shopper spent about $407. that's about $16 less than the year before. increase increasing increasingly, shoppers expect more and deeper disscountdiscounts. since 2009 the number of discounts has gone up 63%. the average dis count has gone from 25% to 36%. as one analyst said, that 50% off is now the old 25% off. retail chains say that will bite into bottom lines but analysts say they will offer deep discounts through christmas to keep the shoppers coming because shoppers are increasingly sticking to their budgets as they worry about the economic recovery. brian?

>> john yang on the economy from chicago for us tonight. thanks.