Nightly News   |  December 02, 2013

New details emerge on Paul Walker car crash

Paul Walker, 40, acted almost his entire life but found world fame with the billion dollar “Fast and Furious” franchise. On Monday, NBC News spoke with law enforcement officials and also with Walker’s father. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>>> when the news surfaced that paul walker had been killed in a car crash over this past weekend a lot of people wondered whether or not drag racing had been involved in the dead lly accident. paul walker was a car guy best known for his work in the "fast and furious" movie franchise. tonight nbc news learned more details about the crash and just how fast the car in this instance might have been traveling. our story from joe fryer in southern california .

>> reporter: investigators are looking at every possibility as they try to figure out what happened after actor paul walker got into the passenger seat of this red porsche and before he and driver roger rodas were killed in a fiery crash. tonight nbc news learned it was a single car crash and did not involve drag racing . the source said the car was driving 40 to 45 miles an hour when it came to a bend in the road where the speed limit drops to 15. the driver apparently lost control. we spoke today with paul walker 's father who told us what he'll miss most about his son.

>> the way paul gave me a hug -- he really -- he hugged me. it was like -- it was special. a special thing.

>> reporter: walker was deeply involved in disaster relief efforts. right before the crash he attended a fund-raiser for his organization, reach out worldwide.

>> his goal was to do everything he could with the blessings he had to give back to as many people he could.

>> reporter: he acted most of his life but found worldwide fame with the "fast and furious" franchise but the crew said he remained down to earth.

>> he was a guy who would eat with the crew, joke around and be one of us.

>> reporter: fans continue to build a memorial at the scene of the crash.

>> it's a chance to say good-bye. i never got to say hello.

>> reporter: their way to honor an actor who played the role of good guy in life. joe fryer, nbc news, santa clarita , california.