Nightly News   |  December 02, 2013

Drone use already widespread has been putting resources into a future drone delivery system – it may sound like something futuristic, but in reality drones are being used by real estate agents, Hollywood, and farmers. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

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>>> big story today that came out of last night. jeff bezos , founder and head of released delivery by drones. small package delivery by drone, federal regulations permitting. no one know ifs the idea will fly. drones have moved in to stay in a lot of places. in war zones overseas they carry hellfire missiles . in studios like this one, hd cameras. along with limitless possibilities. that, for some, is the problem. janet shamlian is live for us tonight at the amazon warehouse in arizona. good evening.

>> reporter: hi, brian. as quickly as the packages are moving through tonight, amazon is making big promises about even faster delivery in the future using drones. the tech giant would seem to have the resource bus some fear safety and privacy. the video had the internet abuzz. the drone buzzing over a field, landing at a person's home and delivering a package ordered 30 minutes earlier. amazon said it 's tested and could be ready in a few years.

>> the hard part is putting in the redundancy, reliability, the systems you need to say, look, this can't land on somebody's head.

>> reporter: reaction on twitter was immediate. a disaster waiting to happen. one user joked that having your stuff shot down is cooler than being stolen from your porch.

>> reporter: the faa bans the commercial use of drones even as it works on regulating them by 2015 . despite the ban they are in widespread use. real estate agents use them to photograph homes.

>> this allows a client to walk the entire property really from their computer.

>> reporter: they have helped farmers spray crops. and hollywood is putting them to work on overseas productions from harry potter to the bond film "sky fall." the industry is just getting off the ground. predicted to be an $82 billion business in next decade. with a camera attached the images are stunning but concerns about privacy and safety loom large.

>> the technology is ready now. we have to figure out the safety issues. we have to deconflict air space , make sure things flying in the air space are safe.

>> reporter: many government agencies have gotten the okay from the f.a. miami police use them to look for missing kids.

>> the technology is real and the potential is real. we'll spend the next few years working with government agencies to turn it into a reality.

>> reporter: many are skeptical but there are bet this is won't be science fiction for long. it may be years off. no one disputes the technology would have been put through to test today, cyber monday. amazon receives 300 orders each second of this day.

>> janet shamlian . they like to call it the fulfillment center outside of phoenix. thanks.