Nightly News   |  December 03, 2013

Obama re-pitches healthcare website

Now that the website can handle heavier traffic, the White House re-launched their effort to sell Obamacare. Dec. 23 is the last day to sign up for insurance and be covered by Jan. 1. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

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>>> the white house trying to put a disastrous rollout of the health care in a new light. they are praising the law and reminding people of the benefits. meanwhile, millions of americans buying insurance still have their work cut out for them. our chief white house correspondent chuck todd has the report.

>> every day i check to make sure it is working better.

>> reporter: once bitten, twice shy president obama today, re-pitching health care and the website.

>> we have learned not to make wild promises about how perfectly smooth it it is going to be at all times.

>> reporter: but now that the site can handle heavy traffic without crashing, they claimed more visitors, and are reclaiming it. this is the last day to sign up for insurance and be covered on january first. the new website is working well enough that consumer reports magazine who warned readers away from the site in october is now on board, but with caveats.

>> if you want to buy insurance in effect on january one, you have to do it quickly.

>> reporter: the magazine offers tips to get through the site quickly, with tax information in hand. if you create an account in october, scrap it, sign in to a new one, if you have not heard from the insurance company within a week, you have to call them yourself. tip two got this lady back on track in florida, back in october, pam tried many times but gave up. today, after creating a third new account, success.

>> i was surprised about how easy it was. as i said it took about ten or 15 minutes for the whole enrollment process.

>> reporter: while pam paid the first payment by way of credit card , some are concerned they are not getting the complete and accurate information from the government about the new enrollment.

>> certainly it is happening at a rate that is not acceptable and that is not going to ensure that consumers are enrolled in the process and that their coverage can begin on january first.

>> reporter: so while the website was clearly working better. there was bad news for the white house today. a new report from the inspector general's office warns that the irs does not have enough safe s guards to prevent folks from scamming the government out of tax subsidies that they really aren't eligible for. so everytime, two steps forward, some days, brian, one step back. thats the story from the white house lawn tonight, chuck todd thanks