Nightly News   |  December 04, 2013

Arctic air on the move

In some parts of the country wind chills are 30 below zero. And as temperatures continue to nosedive, there will be heavy ice accumulation near Dallas. The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel reports.

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>> channel meteorologist mike seidel can't catch a break. he's in the midst of it tonight in duluth, minnesota. hey, mike, good evening.

>> reporter: hey, brian. another wild day on the shores of lake superior . 20 inches of snow so far. 45 miles an hour wind gusts. we'll get a few mf inches tonight. it winds down and then into the ice box . thursday's highs, just about all of montana, sub zero cold. wind chills at 30 below zero . 9 in minneapolis/st. paul. on friday it's colder. frigid fargo only gets up to 5 below zero . the arctic air is on the move. follow the blue bob . near 80 in dallas today. near 50 degrees colder friday afternoon. this will under cut the gulf moisture, the perfect set-up for ice. we have ice issues. that will lead to tree and power line daniel in the blue shaded area including dallas, memphis, little rock . power could be out for several days. it will stay very cold for the season into early next week. not a good time to lose power and heat. also, widespread travel impacts going into friday and saturday in the deep south .

>> mike, we'll keep an eye on it. mike seidel in somehowy minnesota tonight. thanks.