Nightly News   |  December 04, 2013

Teachers on Newtown 911 tapes ‘remarkably calm’

The seven 911 recordings made public from the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre contain very little new information about what happened, but did show how calm and professional the teachers were amid the chaos. NBC’s Rehema Ellis reports.

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>>> it's been almost a year since the shooting at sandy hook eleme elementary school in newtown, connecticut. today after a fight by families to keep them private, the 911 calls from inside the school on that day were made public. nbc news has chosen not to broadcast the tapes. our chief education correspondent rehema ellis did listen to them today to see if they reveal anything new. good evening.

>> good evening. a judge ruled last week that while the calls could be a reminder of the horror on that awful day, they could also serve to support the professionalism and bravery of the adults involved. though the seven recordings made public include very little new information about what happened, what struck me was how calm everyone seemed during this ordeal. so when you look at the faces of the innocent people killed in less than six minutes, 20 children and six adults, you understand why the release of the 911 calls is not only so sensitive for those who lost loved ones but also for the entire newtown community. on the recordings we heard from two teachers calling from their classrooms. one had been shot in the foot. both sounded remarkably calm in front of the children. we heard from a custodian who stayed on the line with police through the ordeal. you could hear gunshots in the background as he spoke. what you did not hear was chaos, screaming or children's voices. while many parents did not want the tapes to be released i spoke with one father who wanted to listen to them. he told me there was nothing that shed light on what happened that awful day. but he said it did show to him that the dispatchers did all they could.

>> that makes a tough time tougher as the anniversary approaches. rehema ellis, thank you for