Nightly News   |  December 05, 2013

South Africans mourn Nelson Mandela

At the time of Nelson Mandela’s death, many South Africans hadn’t heard the news yet – but soon, hundreds had traveled to Nelson Mandela’s home, chanting and singing the national anthem. The young people who gathered there aimed to celebrate Mandela’s life, rather than dwelling in sorrow. NBC’s Rohit Kachroo reports.

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>>> as promised, special greetings to those of you joining us watching on our nbc stations. we are back with more of our special coverage of the passing of nelson mandela who died today at the age of 95. as you might imagine at this hour, reaction to his loss is pouring in from around the world and the nation of oh south africa now begins a state of mourning. our south african based correspondent is with us from outside the mandela family home in johannesburg. as we said in the first half hour, this is a nation many of whom went to bed last night who will be waking up tomorrow morning to hear this anticipated but still sad and shocking news.

>> reporter: absolutely right, brian. anticipated, expected, predictable but painful nonetheless. as i look around the crowds have grown to maybe 400 or 500 people. mainly south africans born after the birth of democracy. the so-called born freeds who have no memory of the darkest years of apartheid. there is no one among the crowd who is crying. they are all singing and celebrating his life, rather than mourning his death because of course his death was not in any way surprising coming almost six months to the day since he was admitted to hospital with a very serious respiratory illness. people celebrating his life, the life of the man that perhaps the world most respects and most reveres. but a man who said himself that i am not a saint but a sinner who keeps on trying. but nevertheless there is perhaps no one in this world in the modern age who has been more revered and more respected and because of what he gave south africans bauecause of the free nation born under his presidency, people are coming out on the streets, singing and cheering loudly, but not a single person here is crying. this is a celebration of oh nelson mandela 's life. nelson mandela , dead now at the age of 95, brian.

>> rohit, thank you very much.