Nightly News   |  December 05, 2013

Two winter storms bring frigid cold to US

Much of the country will be in a deep freeze over the next few days as two winter storms dump snow showers and a wintry mix across several states. It’s likely the stormy weather will also lead to power outages. The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore reports from Dallas.

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>>> as we said there is other news to talk about. we had a broadcast planned before the urgent news came from south africa . a lot of the news is weather. specifically an ice storm in the middle of the country the national weather service fears could be catastrophic. weather channel meteorologist jim cantore is with us from dallas where they are witnessing a 50-degree drop in temperatures over 24 hours . jim, good evening.

>> reporter: good evening. the 80s are helping us a little bit north of dallas . that won't be the situation for the rest of the night and tomorrow morning. this place could be gridlock. let's talk about this. it is a far-reaching storm where 7/8 of the country will be in the deep freeze along with the ice. let's start with friday. look at this area covered by ice. dallas , little rock , louisville, up through pittsburgh as well. we are talking about a quarter to a half inch of ice. on saturday, that precipitation moves into the northeast or the coastal cities could start as snow and sleet. on sunday some of the same areas that got the sleet will get it again in the form of freezing rain. power outages and cold for the next several days.

>> all right. jim cantore in dallas . we'll stay on it