Nightly News   |  December 07, 2013

Could this American singer be the next Arab idol?

A Boston native is a finalist on “Arabs Got Talent.” She may not be Arab or speak Arabic, but her performances have generated a lot of attention. NBC’s Duncan Golestani reports.

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>>> and the results are in tonight, after another competition we've been following involving a young american woman who made it to the very end, finishing among the top three in a most unlikely contest. nbc's duncan govestani was watching it all in pay route.

>> reporter: she might not have come first tonight but jennifer grout has won hearts across the arab world . to understand why the boston native is happy just to reach the finals of this tv talent show consider the title, it's called " arabs got talent" but jennifer is not an arab nor does she speak arabic. that was clear when she first endorsed. [ speaking in arabic ]

>> sorry?

>> what is your name?

>> jennifer .

>> reporter: first the audience laughed at jennifer . then she won them over.

>> jennifer , jennifer , jennifer .

>> reporter: back stage this week the 23-year-old music grad told me she fell in love with arabic music in college and went to study in morocco.

>> i'm improvising.

>> reporter: learning songs she didn't understand.

>> when i want to hear a song i hear a song and i look up the lyrics online or have a friend write them for me.

>> reporter: jennifer is so good, social media has been full of conspiracy theories about her nationality, but mostly she's winning fans. in a show full of arabs performing western star acts, jennifer stood out with a passion for old arabic classics. tonight, the judges said she was a phenomenon bridging arabs and the west. her performance watched by family and friends thousands of miles away .