Nightly News   |  December 09, 2013

Zindzi Mandela asks world to embrace ‘forgiveness’

NBC News Special Correspondent Charlayne Hunter-Gault reflects upon the moments of sadness and celebration that have followed the death of Nelson Mandela.

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>> mandela. we are joined here in south africa by nbc news special correspondent charlaine hunter-gault, a correspondent who has lived here for 16 years now. you have come to know the mandela family well. what do you hear tonight?

>> i think they, like the rest of south africa , had moments of sadness. now they are celebrating his life. i spoke with venzi mandela and she wanted the world to know that first of all, she took out oh solar lanterns to children. you saw pictures of the children earlier. she wanted them to have this light to the remember that her father loved children. she said she wanted the world to embrace one word the -- forgiveness. i thought that was interesting. you know, she was the one who, i think around 22 years old when mandela was in prison and wanted to get a message to his followers to keep it going winnie was banned so she read the speech. it's great that she's toll telling the world what she think her father would want them to remember.

>> i'm impressed at the signage in public. thank you, tata, thank you, madiba. very paternal as we discuss the day of his death.

>> it pleased me. i was in soweto the other day. while the majority of the country of the people were there were black. many piet people were there, calm, comfortable. brought their children. talked about how important it was for their children to be there. in spite of the difficulties in the country, some things are progressing.

>> we'll take it as a legacy. we'll see you tomorrow.

>> indeed.

>>> a note about the live nbc coverage of the memorial events honoring nelson mandela , early tomorrow morning , 4:00 a.m . eastern time to be exact, we'll be in soweto as leaders from around the world pay tribute at a national memorial service. president obama , of course, leading the u.s. delegation.