Nightly News   |  December 09, 2013

Winter storm’s second punch to hit millions

A big winter storm is taking aim at a large swath of the country, with winter weather advisories posted Monday night from Washington to Philadelphia to New York. NBC’s Tom Costello reports and the Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel has the forecast.

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>>> home. tonight the national weather service says 48 million americans are living in areas under a winter weather advisory of some sort. all of it related to this big and sprawling and really relentless winter storm system that ultimately stretched out from texas in the west all the way north to maine knocking out power and causing a mess on roads and at airports. it sure did make for interesting nfl games yesterday. nbc's tom costello is in icy cold washington, d.c. , for us this evening. tom, good evening.

>> reporter: hi, brian . we have had 24 hours of ice and snow. many schools are out. now we are bracing for round two -- more snow.

>> oh!

>> reporter: from falling slabs of ice, even in plano, tk, to a whiteout on i-94 in wisconsin and a deadly 30- car accident .

>> i looked up, dodging cars and we ended up in the ditch.

>> reporter: across a huge section of the t country. cold ice and snow have a vice grip on millions of people. more chain reaction crashes on the pennsylvania turnpike involving 40 vehicles. one man was killed when he got out of his car. on the field --

>> he's got it.

>> reporter: blizzard football for the eagles/lions game. philadelphia buried in eight and a half incheses of snow. on the steps made famous by rocky balboa , half a dozen atvs did donuts in the snow. no, it's not legal. further south, d.c. and the suburbs have been caked in ice. cars, roads, tree limbs and power lines covered in it. snapping tree branches and cutting power to nearly 100,000. among them the ratigans who have a fire to keep warm.

>> the fire goes off more often here than in any country we have ever lived in.

>> reporter: it's now a race against time with with rain and sleet falling. the power crews are anxious to get lines repaired before d.c. is hit with with up to five incheses of snow. in dallas, so much ice that on the highways today, they were down to a crawl. the snow and ice extended west into colorado and utah. meanwhile delays and cancellations at the nation's airports. flight aware 's misery map showing where tens of thousands of passengers are most affected. today on milwaukee to chicago, the de-icing delay lasted three hours. flight aware .com reports 1700 flight cancellations so far. the number is growing and the snow will arrive just in time for the morning rush hour. brian ?

>> oh, boy. a lot of trouble there. tom costello, washington, d.c. for us tonight. tom, thanks. for more on where the seemingly endless storm system is headed over the next 24 to 48 hours , let's go to weather channel meteorologist mike seidel is leesburg, virginia, tonight. hey, mike.

>> reporter: hey, brian . good evening. today temperatures crept above freezing for a few hours allowing snow and ice to melt. that will end quickly tonight. another storm blows into toun town just before sun drise. a serious impact on rush hour. three the to five more incheses. baltimore, d.c. , philadelphia . philadelphia had more snow yesterday than they had all of last winter. then the cold air, frigid air in the upper midwest . minneapolis/st. paul with a wind chill at 20 below zero topping out with temperatures being 30 degrees below average. thursday, the coldest day in the northeast. wind chills in boston barely above zero in the middle of the afternoon. more problems at that time big city airports in the northeast. flights have been cancelled, brian . expect long delays.

>> i don't like seeing the fog in leesburg either. thanks for being with us tonight, mike seidel .

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