Nightly News   |  December 10, 2013

Northeast braces for another winter storm

A big storm that began with ice over the weekend brought snow last night, and today, too. The number of flight cancellations grew Tuesday, while on ice-crusted roads there were fender benders, accidents and roll-overs. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

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>>> of course, as we have been covering so far this week, the east coast has been dealing with its own blast of winter weather . today, the good news was the storm many were expecting when they woke up this morning was not quite as harsh as first forecast. although it still managed to stop a lot of people in their tracks, especially in the nation's capitol which is where tom cost tell a costello is there.

>> reporter: we still have major flight delays and 1400 cancellations and counting, daybreak brought out the ice teams along with cancellations.

>> there will be another schedule and cancellations, all seeming to be due to the weather.

>> reporter: big delays in the northeast.

>> i'm just looking at the board. it is all yellow.

>> reporter: same story for washington, a 12-hour delay for the students.

>> you looked at the planes, wishing you were on one of them.

>> reporter: while out on the roads, fender benders and accidents, but there was more than a few inches of snow.

>> it is the first snow in two years, we have not had enough here to build a snowman.

>> reporter: perfect for shredding in d.c., and a 5-year-old named thomas insisted i try his sled.

>> wow!

>> reporter: my graceful sledding days are long over. the sleds were out in kentucky, too, by mid-afternoon much of the snow had cleared out. and under blue skies the weather channel 's mike seidel warned of storm number 3.

>> we have another storm for the weekend. the rain and snow line will be generally west of d.c., and boston will have a little bit of everything, the ski resorts , they get a lot of snow. like they say, it's the season.

>> it's the season to be cold.

>> it's the season for patience.

>> it's the season for waiting for no reason.

>> reporter: it is all in the attitude. tom costello, nbc news, washington.