Nightly News   |  December 13, 2013

Gathering storm to hinder holiday shopping

There’s a travel mess ahead from the Midwest to New England where some areas will see up to eight inches of snow. Meteorologist Janice Huff reports.

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>> as the weekend approaches, rather, several eastern states are about to get hit by a snowstorm which is tonight spooling up to travel and make its way up through new england. our meteorologist janice huff is in the weather center with a look at what is expected from this. good evening.

>> the storm is on the move stretching as rain from memphis to houston. in the colder air it's changed to snow. north of st. louis into central sections of illinois. as we track it on the computer forecast model, this is 7:00. it spreads eastward with overnight. saturday morning we have snow in st. louis, chicago, cincinnati. in the afternoon it spreads toward new york city , cleveland, washington, d.c. will be on the cusp of the rain/ snow line . there will be snow for you. by 8:00 saturday evening, snowing in new york city . upstate new york to boston. that snow will continue until about 5:00 in the morning. boston will get heavy snow there. five to eight inches. the area in purple, 18 inches across upstate new york and parts of new england. new york city , philadelphia, two to four inches toward the midwest, chicago, five or six inches. some areas of indiana seeing up to eight incheses of snow. it will be a mess as people get out and finish their holiday shopping and getting ready for the holidays.

>> a dicey couple of days to travel for folks east of the mississippi.