Nightly News   |  December 13, 2013

Prince Harry’s 7-day trek raises money for wounded warriors

The team’s journey to the South Pole was made all the more amazing by the fact that most of the veterans who accompanied him were amputees who survived life-changing injuries. NBC’s Jim Maceda reports.

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>>> prince harry admits it was a slightly crazy mission. a 120-mile trek to the south pole in sub zero conditions with a group of wounded servicemen and women. his fellow veterans. this journey was to make a point about veterans getting on with life after life takes a difficult turn. tonight as nbc's jim maceda reports, prince harry and the wounded war wiriors have reached their destination.

>> reporter: they made it. prince harry and his team joining hands around the south pole itself.

>> we have all had photos. all in all, mission success.

>> reporter: a success even more amazing because these are mostly amputees. u.s., british and other veteranses of iraq and afghanistan, survivors of life-changing injuries. they came a long way. some 10,000 miles flying from london the to cape town to novo air base , antarctica. a five-day walk, another flight and a seven-day trek to the pole to raise money for wounded warriors, one of harry's favorite charities. this was no walk in the park. pulling sleds they crossed deep crevices of ice braving frigid 40 below cold. even guide eric phillips, a veteran, could barely keep up.

>> really super short of breath. finding it hard to get air in my lungs.

>> reporter: halfway there the competition was called off. no longer a race, it became an expedition. one team against the elements with with a royal partner.

>> everyone's feeling tired. you have to get used to the arithmet arithmetic -- rhythm and it's almost finished.

>> reporter: for harry he helped raise thousands for a good cause. he's very much mishis mother's son.

>> princess diana broke down gariers for the way things were done. harry is taking it to another level.

>> reporter: today at the bottom of the earth, harry achieved a royal first -- not for himself but for his comrades in arms.

>> everyone is so happy.

>> reporter: jim maceda, nbc news, london.