Nightly News   |  December 14, 2013

Winter weather whacks the northeast

A mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain is blanketing the northeast, from Missouri to Maine. The massive storm is stretching between 23 states. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>>> storm is hitting the northeast tonight with as much as a foot of snow. nbc's kristen dahlgren is north of new york city in scarsdale, new york.

>> reporter: good evening. yeah, we're beginning to see some people slipping and sliding around here. take a look. you can probably see the snow piling up on the roads faster than the plows can get to it. we're just north of the city . there's a winter storm warning in effect until 6:00 a.m . for an awful lot of people, there's a lot more of this ahead tonight. from missouri to maine, the massive storm dumped snow. 1,000-mile swath stretching through 23 state, more than 100 million people in the storm's path. for some, it turned deadly. car crashes in missouri claimed three lives and dozens of accidents were reported across several other states. in indiana, state police issued a travel warning. near indianapolis, firefighters had to rescue the driver trapped in this multivehicle crash. this car was stopped at a light as the first two cars collided.

>> they hit each other in the intersection and spun out. one hit us and the other one went behind us.

>> reporter: for many people, this is the third storm system in the past week. at airports, almost 1,000 flights were canceled throughout the day, leaving passengers grounded and grumpy.

>> driving all this way thinking i was going to get to the airport and they were going to cancel, it was like, this is my holiday vacation . i was just -- i thought i was going to lose it.

>> reporter: on thousands of miles of roads, plows worked overtime.

>> it's been a long morning. been out doing work-related stuff, snowplowing. i'll be plowing all day.

>> the snow is going up and over the cold air. the reason for the snow, and this is cold stuff, it's arctic air temperatures this morning are running 20 degrees below average.

>> reporter: for most, though, the storm was something to take in stride.

>> come on. we live in cleveland. why would we be worried about a storm?

>> reporter: even something to celebrate.

>> let it snow .

>> reporter: in new york's times square , it's what they came for. the snow bringing even more holiday cheer.

>> it's magical. it really is. i woke up this morning and called my kids first thing because it was like winter wonderland . it was great.

>> reporter: so there are some people enjoying it, but lester, already there are several thousand power outages and overnight in places this is expected to change to rain, even ice. that could be disastrous, that heavy, heavy snow and ice on power lines . so the utility companies have a lot of crews standing by just in