Nightly News   |  December 17, 2013

Man credits dog with saving his life on NYC train tracks

Cecil Williams, who is blind, fainted and fell onto the New York City subway tracks. His dog, Orlando, quickly jumped in the tracks and cowered between the tracks as the train rolled over them. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>>> and we have an answer tonight to the frequently asked question who is a good dog? the answer is orlando . an 11-year-old black lab guide dog . orlan orlando 's companion cecil williams is blind. cecil fainted and fell on to the new york city subway tracks. orlando is trained to keep him away from the edge and barked and jumped him up cecil cowering over the tracks as a train rolled over both of them. cecil credits orlando with saving his money but says his insurance money for a guide dog is about to run out, and orlando will be forced to retire in january.