Nightly News   |  December 22, 2013

Civil war could be producing lost generation in Syria

Amid a deadly civil war, children in Syria are paying a heavy price. They face starvation, death and other struggles. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>>> now to the civil war in syria where government aircraft bombard rebel areas in the northern city of aleppo for an eighth straight day. at least 32 people were killed. nbc's reporter is inside syria . he filed this report from damascus.

>> reporter: more deadly air strikes in northern syria this weekend. a man searches for loved ones in the rubble. among the dozens killed were six children. an entire generation growing up amid this chaos. all this play fight at this government-run school, many with fathers at war. others have witnessed horrors. gunmen came to this 10-year-old aus house.

>> reporter: who did they kill?

>> a man.

>> in front us.

>> reporter: they killed a man in front of you. how did you feel?

>> so scared.

>> reporter: children learning of war while many schools in syria have been reduced to rubble.

>> the children in syria are paying the heaviest price. they are paying it in terms of their lives. they are paying it in terms of the opportunity for education.

>> reporter: children's health is at risk. polio is threatening. and starvation, fighting for scraps of food, millions made refugees. jingle bells

>> reporter: in this children's school they're trying to celebrate christmas. a month ago they were holding funerals.

>> three mortar attacks.

>> reporter: three.

>> yes.

>> reporter: four students were killed. the youngest just 7.

>> a most difficult part is that their friends, other children, they witness this. this tragedy.

>> reporter: back at the school, they hope for a safer future. how many of you would like to see peace in syria ?

>> reporter: millions of syria 's children are not in school with no sign of peace. nbc news, damascus.