Nightly News   |  December 23, 2013

Window washers bring Christmas cheer to sick kids

For the very sick children in one hospital, the sight of Santa Claus washing their windows brings a smile. NBC’s Mark Potter reports.

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>>> time now for our "making a difference" report. this is the holiday version of a similar story that received a huge response when we aired it earlier this year. this is a story about people who go out of their way to cheer up kids who are in the hospital. as you're about to see, the men who dress up as santa 's helpers are making a big difference for those kids. the story tonight from nbc's mark potter .

>> reporter: for a child there's probably no worse time to be in the hospital. away from home, than over the holidays. unless --

>> ho, ho, ho!

>> reporter: the hospital and other caring folks bring the holidays here.

>> oh, my gosh! who is that? it's santa claus !

>> reporter: at old children's hospital in st. petersburg, florida, he came from the sky. disguised as a window washer. bringing cheer and a wave to children who could use a smile.

>> that is so cool.

>> reporter: at the children's hospital in orlando there were four of them. two santas and two elves. scaling the walls. washing the windows. and making new friends. for the kids, it's a magical moment.

>> hi, sweetie.

>> reporter: for the man from the window washing company playing santa for a day.

>> actually i feel like a little bit of a rock star right now.

>> reporter: it is so rewarding to make this kind of difference.

>> they're very happy to see us. and trust me, i'm happy to see them, too. they're wonderful.

>> reporter: around the country, children's hospitals and local window washing companies are joining together to help raise children's spirits. we first met them earlier this year dressed as superheroes. and now, as santa and his elves. this time of year.

>> it will get kids who are laying in their beds, not feeling well, to kind of forget for a minute and just sit up, and be excited, and have something fun happening in -- right in their room.

>> reporter: 6-year-old giovanni hamilton, who just got a new wheelchair, couldn't get to the window fast enough. where he got a personal wave and four hellos, straight from the north pole . what do you think about this giovanni?

>> i like it.

>> reporter: you like it? in fact, everyone likes it.

>> santa 's cleaning your window. look at that.

>> reporter: that this many people would give their time to make children feel better. mark potter , nbc news, orlando.