Nightly News   |  December 25, 2013

Light snow to slide from Great Lakes across Northeast

A weak disturbance will bring snow to the northern tier of states the next couple of days, but no major winter storms are on the immediate horizon. Weather Channel meteorologist Mark Elliot reports.

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>> more on the weather going forward this week we turn to weather channel meteorologist mark elliot . what can we expect?

>> the good news is that most of the country will see quiet conditions for travel coming up. the bad news is what we are seeing now. it's all about the cold temperatures to the northeast where we are still looking at people without power from maine to michigan. these are seasonably cool temperatures in the single digits to 20s. that said you expect to have power this time of year. for those of you traveling in the next couple of days a weak storm system from the great lakes to the northeast the light to moderate snows, nothing to slow you down much. in the west, warm and dry conditions, near record temperatures outside los angeles toefr next couple of days. friday, extremely quiet across the country. we go into the weekend and have a couple of systems to watch. another round of light snow in the great lakes. this will also drag in very cold temperatures spilling through the center of the country from sunday to monday. and the southeast gets its own area of low pressure spilling rain over 75, 85 and 95. so by far the best day to travel is friday. you can avoid all the weekend mess.