Nightly News   |  December 26, 2013

Thousands still without power after huge ice storm

Across the Midwest and Northeast, crews have been working to restore power to those who lost it during last weekend’s massive ice storm. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>>> it's been an ice christmas for folks in parts of the midwest and northeast still in the dark and cold and still dealing with misery following the sunday ice storm . tonight it appears for some the situation could get worse. kevin tibbles is in east lansing , michigan . good evening.

>> reporter: it's going to be another miserable night for thousands after all this ice is brought down trees, damaged homes and left a lot of families in the dark for christmas . on the second day of christmas , all more than 100,000 people want is their electricity back. across the midwest and northeast crews have been scrambling to restore power to those who lost it during the massive ice storm .

>> blitzing the area and going along.

>> reporter: in lansing michigan , the danzigers spent three nights in a hotel room .

>> still no power.

>> reporter: they spent christmas day shivering in coats at home under the christmas tree opening presents.

>> all the other things don't matter. we were together. we still had a great christmas .

>> reporter: in maine, 94-year-old grace burly has been in the dark since sunday. a friend came with a generator and spent the night to be sure grace is okay. temperatures in her home had dropped into the 40s.

>> there you go, grace.

>> there is nothing you can do really. you just wait it out but keep a sense of humor about it.

>> yeah.

>> it, too, shall pass.

>> reporter: state officials say one of the big concerns is carbon monoxide poisoning from poorly ventilated heaters. there have been at least seven deaths and multiple people sickened by fumes in the u.s. and canada.

>> we ask that anyone using an emergency generator use it outdoors only at least 15 feet from doors and windows. never in a basement or an attached garage.

>> reporter: it is equally grim north of the border in parts of canada where at least 100,000 people also remain without power from toronto to the maritimes. electrical crews continue to work around the clock in frigid, icy conditions. in pennsylvania the icy conditions are blamed on several multi-vehicle pile-ups and crashes along the pennsylvania turnpike .

>> it's winter. it is cold. we say it will get a warm-up. we are talking about in the 30s.

>> reporter: in spite of spending the holiday in the cold, many are keeping their christmas spirits up. dozens of families spent the day in the warmth of the red cross shelter in lansing.

>> it is a little frustrating. it's definitely better than being at home.

>> reporter: those warmer temperatures are bound to help work crews trying to restore power, but it is probably not going to be melting a lot of the ice. meanwhile on the east coast , maine in particular, they are all bracing for even more snow. natalie?

>> making matters worse there. kevin tibbles in east lansing , michigan . thanks so much.