Nightly News   |  December 26, 2013

Kidnapped American feels ‘abandoned’ by US

The captors of Warren Weinstein, an American kidnapped in Pakistan, have released a new video showing him talking about his confinement and asking the U.S. government to do more to work for his release. NBC’s Pete Williams reports.

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>>> an american contractor held hostage is talking about his confinement and asking the government to do more to work for his release.

>> reporter: in suburban washington, yellow ribbons surround a tree outside the family home of warren weinstein, kidnapped two years ago and presumably held by al qaeda . in a new video from al sahab he asked the u.s. to negotiate his rehe's saying time isn't on his side.

>> i am now over 72 years of age.

>> reporter: he was kidnapped two years ago from a house in pakistan where he was working for an american company helping pakistan improve its economy. he first appeared in a video in may of 2012 . then another four months later. each time urging the u.s. to win his freedom biceping al qaeda 's demands. among them, releasing al qaeda prisoners in guantanamo bay and elsewhere.

>> al qaeda doesn't have a lot of leverage with the detainees in gitmo. perhaps this is their way to obtain more leverage in terms of what happens to these people in the future.

>> my name is warren weinstein.

>> reporter: there is no way to tell when the latest tape was made. a letter sent with it is dated october 3. he said he believes he could be released, quote, if the u.s. would negotiate in good faith with my captors. but in hawaii where president obama is vacationing, nbc's peter alexander said the government rejects any deals.

>> as a matter of policy the u.s. says it doesn't negotiate with terrorists because it would give them incentive to capture more hostages. today they demanded his release.

>> reporter: in the latest video he has a message for his family.

>> i would like them to know that i love them very much. i think about each and every one of them every moment of every day of my captivity.

>> reporter: that captivity lasted two years and four months. u.s. intelligence officials are following every possible lead to try to find him.

>> pete williams in washington. thanks,