Nightly News   |  December 27, 2013

Bitter cold to blanket Northeast

Weather Channel meteorologist Chris Warren has the forecast for the coming week – despite the freezing temperatures, the weather shouldn’t interfere with New Year’s travel plans.

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>> more now on what to expect from the weather as millions of americans continue their holiday travel this weekend. we turn to weather channel meteorologist chris warren . what does it look like?

>> there will be headaches on the way for those without power. this weekend starting off quiet and mild in the northeast. keep in mind this is winter, so mild is relative. that changes on sunday. sunday into monday, more snow on the way for northern new england and for parts of maine. in fact,most of maine will see snow out of this. for those without power, that's bad news. behind that snow will come much colder air. monday afternoon, most areas below freezing. and then on tuesday morning, some areas now will be below zero . and many spots through next week throughout the midwest including michigan and into the northeast will stay below freezing in the morning and in the afternoon. natalie, if there is good news it looks like new year's eve and new year's day, travel should be relatively quiet as far as the weather goes for most of the country.

>> we'll look for the silver lining . chris warren at the weather channel , thank you.