Nightly News   |  December 29, 2013

What does Russian bombing mean for security worries?

Security officials around the world are concerned about terrorist attacks at the Olympic Games. NBC Counter-terrorism analyst Michael Leiter reports.

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>> was related to the olympics , it would be an a-symmetric attack. is that the kind of thing security experts have been concerned about?

>> it really is, lester. since these games were first awarded to russia several years back, people were worried because of the long-standing conflicts in the north caucasus . and this type of mass transit is what officials are most concerned with.

>> given the nature of the olympics , the international nature, would the russians be working with their counterparts, for example, in the u.s., intelligence experts here?

>> lester, i ran for the u.s. intelligence community coordination with other nations on the olympics , and it's always a very lengthy process. but frankly, the u.s.-russian relationship has made that very hard. although there were improved relations after the boston bombing, specific to that event, u.s. and russian officials really aren't sharing the way we have in past olympics . now, the u.s. can only help so much, especially on these domestic issues, but we have to hope after this bombing so close to the games it will reinvigorate some of that sharing that needs to occur to make these games as safe as possible.