Nightly News   |  December 30, 2013

‘Dangerous’ Cold Air to Blanket Midwest

Some of the ski resorts in Duluth, Minn., will need to close due to the cold air, and the NHL winter classic will be accompanied by temperatures in the teens. The big chill then heads northeast where it’s slated to bring heavy snowfall. Weather Channel meteorologist Kelly Cass reports.

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>>> much of the northern part of the country is getting ready for a big arctic blast after utility crews worked all weekend trying to get the power back to tens of uh thousands in michigan and maine after a big ice storm a week ago. only a few thousand remain without power tonight. for the latest on this next blast of cold and what's in store for new year's eve we turn to weather channel meteorologist kelly cass . good evening.

>> hi, lester. it will be too told for any extended time outside. in the northwest, dangerous cold air. temperatures not even above zero for a high. in minnesota, wisconsin, back into the dakotas as well. look at the highs barely above 0 in minneapolis. minus 13 is the high in international falls . too cold for ski resorts in duluth, having to close due to safety from the cold air. wednesday isn't must have better. brutally cold temperatures, even here in ann arbor , michigan, for the nhl winter classic . over 100,000 fans will be cold out there. we are talking temperatures in the teens at 1:00 for the game. also a lot of cold air back toward minneapolis. 6 degrees . we don't expect records from the cold blast but temperatures 15 to 20 degrees below average. then the system heads to the east and could become a classic nor'easter. possibly over a foot of snow for some parts of the t northeast.

>> we'll hear more on that.