Nightly News   |  December 30, 2013

Making Dreams Come True for Thousands of Foster Kids

The organization One Simple Wish brings happiness into the lives of thousands of kids who are in foster care. Last year, generous ‘Nightly News’ viewers donated more than $200,000. NBC’s Anne Thompson reports.

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>>> finally tonight an update on a program that's been making a big difference in the lives of young people , not just around the holidays but all year long. it's called one simple wish. since we told you about it last year you, our viewers, donated hundreds of thousands to the program, but hundreds of wishes remain unfulfilled. anne thompson has a follow up in tonight's making a difference report.

>> reporter: the 2013 lenler is filled with wismiles at one simple wish. foster children beaming because they got a doll or a bike from this magic kingdom in new jersey. here the wishes are matched with donors.

>> all of this is donated?

>> yes. every single toy here has been donated by a company or individual.

>> reporter: since we met danielle last year her charity's reach has expanded to 40 states meeting need as basic asp pens and shah people they have helped 30,000 kids.

>> lots of dreams coming true. our reach has been expanding. the core of the mission has not changed. it's about one child.

>> reporter: like 14-year-old blessing williams. she wants to dance.

>> because i get to show people who i am as a person. that's how i describe myself.

>> reporter: what do you hope people see about you through your dancing?

>> that i'm very talented.

>> reporter: her wish? dance lessons. in foster care since she was 3 and now in a group home blessing says dancing helps her cope.

>> if my day was hard and somebody told me bad news i can go and dance and it will all go away.

>> i know what it felt like. i know how hard it is.

>> reporter: teen actress cassidy mac fulfilled the wish.

>> i want her to know she can do it just by be expressing herself. if it's dancing she should do dancing. go after it with full speed.

>> reporter: along with the lessons cassie sent a necklace from her foundation. the mess saj is simple, the impact could be great. yet demand outpaces generosity. at this time of year the workers at one simple wish end each day with more than 600 wish withes unfulfill unfulfilled. 600 smiles waiting to be added to the ledgers. anne thompson , nbc news, trenton trenton, new jersey.