Nightly News   |  December 31, 2013

Bitter Cold, Snow Heading to Northeast

2014 will bring a winter blast to the Midwest with some areas receiving nearly half a foot of fresh snow before the chilly weather heads East. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>>> factor for the new year, in fact, the northern part of the country will face the brutal cold weather , facing across the midwest. all the cold and snow are heading east. our report tonight from nbc's kevin tibbles.

>> reporter: overnight, old man winter slid into minneapolis, roads covered with ice, the cars careening.

>> all morning long, the police and state patrol looking at everything from fender benders to rollovers.

>> reporter: there, outside duluth minnesota , it was minus 20 without the wind chill , it closed early. in the windy city ?

>> no driving, a little partying, but no driving.

>> reporter: the chicago river quickly is freezing as much as half a foot of snow is expected overnight. still, the brave and daring went out.

>> it is a great day, you don't get caught up with tourists or anything. especially not today recover in ann arbor , michigan, no danger of the ice melting at the winter classic , 100,000-plus diehards will brave the cold here. fans attending today's alumni game in detroit doing whatever it takes to stay warm.

>> layers, layers, layers, that is what you got to do.

>> reporter: of course, some visiting fans say it is perfect.

>> when it gets to zero farenheit, canadians believe it is cold.

>> reporter: some of that canadian-style winter is heading east.

>> if you live in the northeast heads up. there could be a major storm dumping several inches of snow thursday and friday.

>> reporter: with snow and bitter cold settling in for the new year, many may do the big countdown by the fire. and erica, the heavy stuff is not even supposed to be falling until midnight. which is why authorities here in chicago are asking people to leave the car at home and take the one cents bus service that starts at 10:00 .

>> sounds like a great deal, thank you.