Nightly News   |  January 01, 2014

Northeast, Midwest New Year Begins With Wintry Blast

Forecasters expect heavy snow in the Midwest and airlines already are bracing for canceled flights. The weather system also will bring rain to the South. Meteorologist Kelly Cass reports.

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>>> joined by weather channel meteorologist kelly cass . good evening.

>> good evening, lester. this is going to be a classic nor'easter or a coastal storm with gusty winds, cold temperatures and lots of snow. plenty of that, that's for sure. several inches. in fact, more than a foot of snow for many across the northeast. as we look at the map now we see a stripe of snow across the midwest. detroit picking up four to five inches. chicago, a couple of inches. rain along the gulf coast in places like jacksonville, florida. the two combined, we get a strong low pressure off the northeast coast. all the moisture coming into the cold air and we are talking about at least a foot of snow for the albany area over to hartford and boston. we have winter storm warnings in effect. even blizzard warnings in effect for long island. we are talking strong gusty winds, reducing visibility, making travel tricky. high temperatures, only 24 in boston. not getting above zero in parts of northern new york state and northern new england on friday. still colder than average as we head toward the the weekend. a lot of folks are traveling. it's a holiday week. there is a look at what to expect on friday. still that snow a big factor in the northeast. that's for sure. back to you.