Nightly News   |  January 02, 2014

Winter Weather Thwarts Travel Plans

A large winter storm moving across the nation already has forced the cancellation of several flights. Rail delays and dangerous road conditions also are expected. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

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>>> the broad impact of the storm on transportation has to do with all the folks trying to get home after the new year's and long christmas break . tom costello is keeping track of things on the roads and in the air for us tonight. hey, tom. good evening.

>> aaa estimates 86 million people have been traveling by car over the holidays. many of the families are now making their way back home. we are watching i-95 and connecting highways along the east coast . a live shot from i-93 in braintree. traffic is always bad. we have snow-packed roads expected to worsen and a realtime traffic view of the major interstates in the eastern half of the country. if it is red or yellow it's problematic. you can see trouble in new york city . we have i-84 closed to traffic from midnight to 5:00 a.m . the long island expressway, trouble. traffic into and out of manhattan. look at the northeast and in new england. massachusetts and new hampshire, vermont, trouble there. along i-90 along the top of the country, upper new york and into the midwest delays there as well. now to the air. a real time live radar image of the planes in the air at this moment. not nearly as many as we normally see. already more than 8,000 flights delayed or cancelled so far today. live picture now. jfk in new york. some arriving flights delayed by five hours there. coming to the flight aware misery map. so far for the new york city airports, we've got about 81 cancelled flights. 111 delays. look at how it spreads across the country. that's the impact. orange and red aren't good. detroit, same story. about three cancellations so far. 37 delays, but chicago o'hare now, a big problem. 82 cancelled flights. 116 delays and the impact across the country. already being felt on the roads, in the air and on the train rails as well. brian?

>> in some places we are just getting started. tom costello watching for us tonight. tom,