Nightly News   |  January 02, 2014

Arctic Blast Hits Midwest

With dangerous sub-zero temperatures and lots of snow, the Midwest is digging out from a big winter storm that hit the region. The treacherous weather has also created a travel nightmare at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. NBC’s  Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>> has been slowly making its way east. it's taking its time vacating places in the midwest where it's been snowing in some flass for two days. we get that part of the story from nbc's kevin tibbles north of chicago in highland park . good evening.

>> reporter: absolutely, brian. there are parts of t midwest where the snow has been going for two days nonstop without a break. in illinois alone, there are 1300 plows and salt trucks on the roads. it's causing chaos and forecasters are saying there is more to come. uh in suburban libertiville they are digging out from more than 16 inches of snow. a challenge for delivery themen. an opportunity for folks looking for work. for many, just a lot of shoveling.

>> a little bit overwhelming. it's. coming in waves. little by little , you have to keep it clean.

>> reporter: crews have been out clearing the highways but the roads remain treacherous. this truck fire further complicated the morning rush . a travel night mare at o'hare airport with hundreds of flight delayed or cancelled. in indianapolis, some are finding alternate means of transportation as city crews had a tough time there.

>> we had almost four inches in four hours. that's almost an inch an hour. that will definitely create a challenge on the road.

>> reporter: a dusting of snow caused accidents on dangerously icy roads in western kentucky . blowing snow caused havoc in ohio, too. in michigan, they are digging out again. just after thousands endured power outages caused by a christmas ice storm . in detroit, long hours and good money for landscaper pat ireland.

>> oh, my gosh, yeah. we have been nonstop for the last month.

>> hi. would you like your snow shoveled.

>> reporter: 11-year-old jeremy deny is trying to earn enough pocket money for a new skateboard.

>> you work for yourself. don't just depend on nobody either.

>> reporter: just when you thought all the snow was enough to contend with forecasters are saying there is another arctic blast on the horizon. monday's high for the region -- a balmy minus 8 degrees. that's cold, brian.

>> kevin tibbles in the chicago suburbs tonight. thanks.