Nightly News   |  January 03, 2014

Putin Vows to Keep Sochi Games Safe

After two terrorist attacks and dozens killed in Russia, President Vladimi Putin made a public visit to Sochi. NBC’s Jim Maceda reports.

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>> and dozens killed in russia this week. president vladimir putin made a public visit to sochi today. less than five weeks to go until the start of the winter olympic games in that city. putin has made a vow to destroy the terrorist forces and keep the games safe. he's made this the biggest security operation in sports history . we get our report tonight from nbc's jim maceda in sochi .

>> reporter: russian president vladimir putin making sure every venue is ready for its close-up. heaven tried out the sloips today, looking relaxed, in control. a contrast to wednesday, just 400 miles away in volgegrad where he honored those killed in the bombing. as he toured sochi today, a bomb threat led to the evacuation of a mall. a false alarm but another sign of nerves on edge. islamist militants declared war on the olympics, so putin invested billions to keep things safe. it'sle called ring of steel for a reason. at least 40,000 special forces and police will be manning checkpoints. drones will be watching above. offshore high speed patrol boats . even ultra sensitive sonar devices listen ing around the clock under water. it may look safe here but it is clear this is a dangerous neighborhood. if you're wondering how close sochi is to trouble, we'll take a drive to the border with a breakaway republic and a potential flash point. it's now 1:06 in the afternoon. let's get started. here we are at the border and the gateway to the rest of north cauc kcaucu caucuses. that took exactly 15 minutes . many security experts say there will be more bombings.

>> for these individuals a successful strike on the games is the holy grail .

>> reporter: for putin whose reputation is built on order and control, that would be a disaster. jim maceda, nbc news, sochi .