Nightly News   |  January 06, 2014

‘Arctic Hurricane’ to Bring More Snow

The Polar Vortex normally sits over the North Pole but it’s now moving south, bringing dangerously cold air all the way down to Savannah, Ga. NBC’s Al Roker reports.

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>> this news is how far south is stretching. schools closed in atlanta tomorrow. in nashville, the temperature has dropped more than 50 degrees since just last night. al roker is here in the studio with how bad it gets and how far south.

>> well, brian, i've been doing it for 35 years, i don't ever remember something this widespread this far south. and it won't get better for at least the next 24 hours . this arctic air is due to the phrase we've all come to know and love over the last 24 hours , the polar vortex , usually up over the north pole , a weakening jet has let it break loose and come south, so basically it is an arctic hurricane , the winds funneling through. and tonight as the wind makes its way down south, the dangerously cold air all the way down into southern georgia and parts of northern florida. marquette will feel like 13 degrees, 13 in new york city , chicago, 35 below. tomorrow morning 's lows, wednesday's morning lows, look here, feeling like 3 below in new york city , 11 below in chicago, do we get relief? well, here is what happens, by late in the week this polar vortex moves backward up to the north. and that allows for it to finally break its grip. you will start to see the winds come more zonal, the pacific east, the temperatures should get back to where they should be, upper 40s along the coast, the next thing we worry about is the major outbreak of lake-effect snow over the next 24 hours , brian. we're talking about snowfall amounts that are going to exceed three to four feet of snow between syracuse, new york, and watertown, my alma mater , oswego.

>> thankfully, we'll have good weather in california, but that is about it. thank you, al roker .