Nightly News   |  January 07, 2014

Polar Vortex Begins Breaking Its Grip

The arctic air is beginning to retreat, with warmer temperatures on the horizon. NBC News’ Al Roker has the latest forecast.

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>> tonight.

>>> al he croker is at the map tonight with a status update for us.

>> the good news is, we've seen the worst of it, it's just about over. 24 hours ago, temperatures were 42 degrees warmer in canada. the polar vortex is finally starting to break its grip, we have one more dangerous morning of bone chilling windchills. chicago it will feel like 13 below. no windchill in washington, d.c., and if we head to the south, can you see temperatures not so bad. it will feel like 17 in atlanta, 20 as you make your way into further parts of the south. the good news is, that arctic air will be retreating, the polar vortex moves away, and we get more of a zonal flow by friday. d.c. 45, atlanta 47. on saturday, near 60 in washington, 55 in new york city . temperatures actually a little warmer than what they should be at this time. chicago will be -- it's a varietiable heat wave with a temperature of 37 degrees.

>> thank you for being with