Nightly News   |  January 08, 2014

Christie Must ‘Get Out In Front Of This In a Hurry’

NBC News’ Chuck Todd examines the political impact of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s response to the George Washington Bridge controversy.

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>>> the politics with political editor chuck todd on the north lawn of the white house . chuck, so far tonight i heard james carville say that the governor should go there and own the situation. i heard a congressman say that it looks like the governor put his constituents under a bus, only happening at a dicey time for him because he is about to take a post giving him more visibility.

>> he is basically beginning the early stages of his presidential campaign, in days, brian as he takes over the head of the republican governor's association. but look at what has not happened tonight, is we have not heard from chris christie beyond a statement, this is not like him. this entire episode is doing two things for him, causing him major problems right now if he doesn't get out in front of this in a hurry. number one, it underlines a compelling part of his message that he is a bipartisan guy working across the aisle. well, that is not the act that happened here. they punished somebody across the aisle. secondly it enforces a negative stereotype that you and i both know what has been out there for years, that he is a bully at heart and sometimes kind of mean. well, this looks like a mean situation.

>> all right, chuck todd from the white house , as stephanie gosk said, we'll hear more about this.