Nightly News   |  January 08, 2014

Violence in Central African Republic Uproots 1 Million

There are reports the president of the Central African Republic could step down as early as Thursday, sparking fears of an even more unstable situation.

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>>> we have a report tonight from the latest and most urgent crisis unfolding in our world, happening in africa, where the growing violence between christians and muslims raised fears of genocide. we're talking about an african republic about the size of texas, where almost half the population is now in need of direct humanitarian assistance, nbc's ann curry is one of the few western reporters to make her way there.

>> reporter: the violence has forced nearly a million people from their homes across the central african republic . the vast majority of them children. including this child in a camp full of displaced people . this girl's mother, father, sister, and grandparents all killed. are you the only survivor of your family? she tells us she watched as her mother was shot. i raised my hands to god like this, but they didn't listen to me, she says, finally, they killed my mother. she thinks of her family always, telling us last night i dreamed my mother was cooking rice with meat for me, she couldn't stop crying, she says, after she woke up today. in a program run by save the children , she draws a picture of the family she lost, her home, the fish and the river behind it, the flowers near the front door. today she lives in this camp on the grounds of a monastery, with one of the only relatives she has left, her great aunt. she says she has no words for the men who killed her family. instead, she put her hands together, offering a prayer. forgive us our sins , as we forgive those who sin against us. and she added, bless me, and keep me safe.

>> ann curry reporting for us tonight from the capital city where she is telling us there are reports that the muslim president of the central african republic could step down tomorrow, sparking fears of a power vacuum which could make the situation even worse.