Nightly News   |  January 08, 2014

Good Samaritans Offer Help During Cold Weather

The brutally cold weather was made more tolerable by little acts of kindness.

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>>> finally here tonight, as you know we have been talking about it for days now. this brutal cold weather pushing down and into much of our country. tens of millions of americans have suffered through it, especially in places not used to the cold. but a lot of people have stepped up and offered to provide comfort and warmth to those in the cold. their stories tonight.

>> reporter: as the winter weather turned from bad to worse, her fingers went into over drive.

>> if i knit steady, i can do one per four hours.

>> reporter: she has been knitting for years, donating to neighbors, this year, her hats went to school kids, a bitter freeze in all 50 states and in many of them folks came together, in baltimore, a man taking his son to the hospital got stuck in deep snow , until a tow truck drove by, here, it was a good tug that did the trick.

>> a lasso.

>> reporter: and with the mercury dropping and the snow falling it was all about digging out.

>> everybody helps everybody, it gets done quicker.

>> reporter: and pitching in, that is what happened in indiana. a restaurant owner decided to open shop . dishing out his german specialties to the homeless and veterans. but if you live next to lake ontario or in this case, on lake ontario this kind of weather, although extreme, is not entirely unusual. so when life gives you ice, go ice fishing . while many are glad the worst of this cold snap is finally ending, not so for this 81-year-old. for 25 years he has been recording the temperature for the national weather service and in minnesota, and every day he opens this door and hopes this will be the day that his thermometer will be the one to make history. don't worry, mr. fowler, the way it is going this just may be your year. katy tur, new york.