Nightly News   |  January 09, 2014

Will traffic troubles detour Christie’s political ambitions?

Gov. Chris Christie was forceful and direct in his response to controversy. But, was it enough? NBC News’  Chuck Todd reports

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>> politics is a huge part of all of this, let's talk about that with our political director and chief white house correspondent chuck todd , chuck i heard many say if he got any of this wrong, any a little untruthful, he is done. but let's say it all holds up, what shape is his political career in right now?

>> reporter: well, it is not in good shape, but survivalable, it is in full blown scandal, we assume that will be for the next year. but that is the problem he has now, let's assume all he says is true, 100% true. okay, that is fine, he will deal with the drip, drip, everybody is going to look at the -- forget the endorsements, the retributions for people who did endorse, did they get special deals? it is not just the democrats having fun with this, oh, look, the biggest threat the republicans have to upending the democrat's dominance in the white house , it is the others feeling it. he will feel it from both sides. the shine was off, he was exposed today as just another politician. and that, in the long run could be the worst thing that happened to him in this scandal.

>> chuck todd , covering this out of nowhere story that blossomed again today, thank you.