Nightly News   |  January 10, 2014

Christie Appointee Ignored Calls for Help

More than 900 pages of documents released Friday offer more insight into “Bridgegate” and the role taken by Gov. Chris Christie’s appointed officials.

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>>> news organizations including this one are pouring over hundreds of documents just released in new jersey having to do with the intentional traffic jam on the george washington bridge back in september. they are looking to see if anything in the documents goes against what governor chris christie said in his marathon mea culpa yesterday, blaming his appointees and proclaiming his own innocence, we get more from stephanie gosk.

>> reporter: the biggest bridge connecting new jersey and new york city . backed up for four days with no warning. more than 900 pages of documents reveal that transportation experts appointed by governor christie shut down the lanes without telling the head of the bridge. when they shut down, the head of the transportation was angry, calling this an abuse for everything that the agency stands for. i pray that no life was lost. he writes to colleagues, i believe this quick and ill-advised decision violates federal law and the law of the states. bill baroni replied, i'm on my way to discuss, there can be no public discourse . baroni admitted it was a mistake to shut down the traffic lanes without warnings to other officials. also, wildstein was told that people were getting held up and did nothing, even a direct call from the ft. lee mayor, an e-mail, urgent matter of public safety , wildstein's response? radio silence , the investigation into now what is being called bridgegate continues, state democrats say they will hold more hearings into what happened and why. governor christie vows he is conducting his own investigation.

>> i am not completed with those interviews yet but when i am, if there is additional information that needs to be disclosed i will do so.

>> reporter: the governor's critics as well as supporters believe many questions remain unanswered.

>> he is in a period of testing right now. and he did a good job at that news conference yesterday but there are many more chapters of this story yet to be written and many challenges ahead for the governor.

>> reporter: governor christie spent nearly two hours in that press conference maintaining he knew nothing about his agency's involvement in the traffic nightmare. in the hundreds of pages of documents we have been able to review so far there is no smoking gun, brian, to prove otherwise.

>> stephanie gosk on this continuing story from new jersey, thank