Nightly News   |  January 10, 2014

President of Central African Republic Resigns

The country’s president, Michel Djotodia, has stepped down after protesters demanded he leave office after months of violence fueled by tribal rivalry.

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>>> there was a dramatic and potentially dangerous development in africa today, the president of the republic resigned triggering worry and fears of more bloodshed. nbc's ann curry has been reporting this week on the human toll and the fighting in the country, the families forced from their homes, the children orphaned. she has our report tonight again from the capital city of bangui.

>> reporter: sounds of joy from the central african republic after months of violence from mostly methuslims, the president was asked to step down, and today he did. he took power in a muslim rebel coup last month setting off a wave of violence that triggered a humanitarian emergency here, a million people displaced. almost immediately, you could feel the tensions here in the capital. people afraid that this could turn into another rwanda, and the violence becoming more widespread. in the streets of the capital, a heavy military presence, troops on patrol. machete-wielding christians demanding the president never return, the fighting here is expected to continue and relief workers are told to take precautions. but american tara boyles told us by phone i am not leaving. if anything there will be a bigger need for us. ann curry , nbc news, bangui.