Nightly News   |  January 10, 2014

Louis-Dreyfus: Sharing Streep’s Golden Globe Category ‘A Prize By Itself’

Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus has proven she can excel at both comedy and drama, and has now been honored with two Golden Globe nominations.

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>>> finally tonight, we got to know her really on seinfeld, and thankfully, we've seen her in a lot since, and when the golden globes air here on sunday night on nbc , julia louis - dreyfus has a shot at not one but two golden globes for best actress in both tv and film. she has had a very good year and talked about it with nbc 's harry smith .

>> read this!

>> what is this? if you're going to lampoon the foolishness and frustration of being an elected official?

>> oh, god, your face.

>> reporter: why not go to the source. to prepare for her role as the foul-mouthed vice president, julia louis - dreyfus not only had lunch with vice president joe biden , she also talked to al gore .

>> what is it like when you are number two, and you're not number one?

>> there really is something sort of wonderful about being able to play somebody who really is second banana.

>> barely.

>> reporter: but then, we've always known she could get laughs, like in seinfeld. this year, though, she is also nominated for her role in "enough said".

>> you know what i'm going to get you? i'm going to get you a calorie book.

>> please don't.

>> reporter: she shares the screen with the late james gandolfini .

>> the character he plays in this film is so very close to who he was as a human being , kind, earnest, a gentle giant, very sympathetic.

>> reporter: it is the first time she has had a lead role in a film that was both comedic and dramatic.

>> i didn't know if that would come along for me, i'm so happy it has.

>> reporter: she is cautious about her joy, the nomination pits her against the screen legend meryl streep .

>> is there something in you that wants to kick her butt?

>> no, she is obviously possibly the best actress in the world, so i'm just honored to be on the stage with her.

>> reporter: meaning sometimes the best surprises are the ones you can't carry home with you. harry smith , nbc news, los angeles .

>> there will be more of julia louis - dreyfus on a golden globe special airing tonight as 8:00. and then the award ceremony of course on nbc