Nightly News   |  January 12, 2014

The Future Is Here and It's Wearable

Check out the next generation of technology that you won't be able to live without. CNBC News' Jon Fortt reports.

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>>> if you are what you wear, many of us will soon become more connected to technology, because that will soon become part of what we wear as we found out at one of the biggest tech events of the year, the consumer electronics show in las vegas .

>> reporter: gadget by gadget, people expect that even the most common things will be more useful when they're connected to the internet. thing that is help consumers lead healthier, happier and safer lives. the buzz here? a lot of it is about wearable technology that's trying to be fashionable. and it's more than just fitness bands and power in your wristwat wristwatch. wearable cameras, sun tan cameras, smart ski goggles.

>> this postage-stamp size device is a computer.

>> reporter: a dog collar that will monitor your dog's stress level in real time.

>> it could show you a much more accurate picture of how the dog is feeling and you could use that data to do better things for your dog.

>> reporter: and a onesie for babies, tracking everything from body position to breathing. even a bowl that charges everything you throw in it. co-founder of revere digital worries about what could happen.

>> i think there's going to be chips in everything and it's going to have great benefits and cool things about it. and it's going to have privacy implications.

>> reporter: still, those smart homes will use less energy.

>> this car is now driving on its own.

>> reporter: connected cars should prevent accidents and be more fuel efficient. and then when you get back to the house, wireless technology keeps you in control. here, a hub just like this one is connected to sensors all over the house, the lights, the coffee maker . so when you open up the cabinet, a motion sensor gets you started.

>> at 5:00 somewhere, the lights go down, the player goes up with party music and the robot bartender makes you a drink all by your smart phone .

>> reporter: a future of possibilities, assuming you have a smart phone to begin with. john fort , nbc news, las vegas .