Nightly News   |  January 13, 2014

Christie's Decisions Come Under New Scrutiny

The Christie family’s role in a New Jersey tourism campaign is now taking heat – and the New Jersey governor’s main crisis, the bridge traffic scandal, has taken a new turn.

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>>> there is new fallout for new jersey governor chris christie amid the bridge travel scandal that has caught some of his top aides. tonight, there is a new investigation into that as well as an investigation into how some of the emergency relief money was spent after hurricane sandy. it is quite clear that for christie 's political rivals it has now become something of an open season . our own kelly o'donnell covering it all again tonight in trenton, good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, brian, the considerable political influence that governor christie has used in the past few years has always frustrated his critics, but he is more vulnerable now, and old complaints are getting a second look. hard political winds now mean even the christie 's family's role in this political campaign is taking heat.

>> >> reporter: stronger than the storm.

>> reporter: although the obama administration had approved using hurricane sandy relief money for the ads, today the new jersey democratic congressman frank pallone says that auditors will look into the ad that featured the governor's family.

>> i don't think there is any question this was an effort to promote him. but the problem is this was at the expense of taxpayers that could have been used for other purposes.

>> reporter: christie 's main crisis, the bridge traffic scandal took a new turn today as democratic lawmakers announced what they called a new super committee.

>> we are going to investigate anything that is an abuse of power, and we want to know about it.

>> reporter: beginning thursday, lawmakers plan to subpoena top advisers christie ousted it, his top campaign manager , both linked by e-mail to the lane closure that is crippled the bridge traffic for days. the committee's dump of thousands of pages shows that christie 's incoming chief of staff had averted information last fall. but there is no information she had seen it herself or passed it on to the governor.

>> i think it is very premature to talk about the governor and subpoenaing the governor.

>> reporter: in addition, old complaints are resurfacing from a handful of candidates.

>> he started to make historic reforms in this state. and that is not easy in new jersey. so of course, back lash is going to be substantial.

>> reporter: governor christie was at work here today but he had not been seen publicly since his mega news conference last thursday. he delivers the state of the state address tomorrow, already a high profile event, brian, but now with all this extra scrutiny around it.

>> kelly o'donnell, thank you, at the capital for us.