Nightly News   |  January 13, 2014

Consumer Confidence Shaken by Retail Hackers

First Target announced up to 110 million people had their credit card and personal information stolen, and then reports of other retail breaches began to surface.

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>>> and the ceo of target promising major chances after the massive data breach that hit up to 110 million people, leaving their personal information vulnerable to identity theft , this comes amid the facts that another store could be hit. our report tonight from nbc's katy tur.

>> reporter: still reeling from admission that many could have had their credit card and personal information stolen, target was in full apology mode, from the exclusive interview with the ceo from cnbc?

>> clearly, we're responsible for this.

>> reporter: to a full-page ad in newspapers nationwide.

>> we are highly confident that target's environment is safe and secure.

>> reporter: but they took even more hits over the weekend. not only did neiman marcus announce their own breach but there are reports that three as of yet unknown other retailers were attacked. janet is a frequent target store shopper and wanted the store's red card until they asked for her social security number .

>> and that was a red flag for you? snow it was a red flag for me, i just said i'm not doing this. you know, for me i was not willing to give target my social security card number, and for 5%, it was just not worth it to me.

>> reporter: as of now, target says they have not found any fraud on the red card but security experts are still worried. information retailers have been gathering for years names and addresses, and now it is information that hackers can more easily use to steal identity.

>> as we see in the target and neiman marcus breaches, you can take a little bit out of everyone's account, and suddenly you have millions and millions of dollars.

>> reporter: as of now, janet is putting her cards away.

>> i have been back to shop at target but i pay cash. and i think that that will be the type of transaction i use at least for the near term.

>> we know we have to earn our guests' trust back, it will take a little time .

>> reporter: for target, a little time with a lot of money on the line. katy tur, nbc news new york.