Nightly News   |  January 13, 2014

Fresh Stars Emerge in Women’s Figure Skating

For three newly minted Olympians, their moment has finally arrived.

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>>> well, finally here tonight, of all the winter sports it is always, shall we say, the most dramatic. there is something about figure skating, how we feel like we come to know the skaters themselves, how their personal achievement is so plainly visible on their faces. well, here we go, a month before the olympics and there is already drama going on, about who is going and not going for the olympics for the u.s.

>> reporter: so much rides on the eighth inch of a skater's blade, the speed of a spin, the lightness of a landing. the hope that years of hard work will pay off.

>> the olympics are not just another competition. it is the ultimate dream.

>> reporter: at a dramatic national championship in boston over the weekend, fresh stars came out. grace gold lived up to her name by taking the title. and polina edmonds is going to the olympics , but there was heartbreak, as well. two-time defending champion ashley wagner fell twice her face a picture of disbelief.

>> i'm at a loss. it has been a really long four years and i've been working really hard. and you know, it was just not my night last night.

>> reporter: she missed making the team by the narrowest of margins last time and saw it all slipping away again. nationals alone don't determine who makes the team.

>> it is not like track and field where you know you get to the finish line first, and you're in.

>> reporter: after reviewing 21 pages of criteria, the skating officials said the answer was clear.

>> you look at ashley wagner 's record and performance she has the top numbers of any of the female athletes.

>> reporter: nigasi says she is disappointed, but the decision was not an easy one.

>> so many dreams were scattered this weekend in boston.

>> reporter: yet dreams are realized, too.

>> i'm an olympian, i can't believe it.

>> reporter: and for three newly minted olympians, their moment has finally