Nightly News   |  January 16, 2014

New Committee to Investigate Bridge Scandal

A newly created state assembly committee has brand new subpoena power and is using it to seek more documents about the George Washington Bridge scandal.

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>>> and in new jersey, word of the widening investigation on the george washington bridge scandal involving governor chris christie . and subpoenas are coming out now and almost two dozen people in organizations will be ordered to provide documents to the legislative committee . we get the latest from kelly o'donnell. she is in trenton, kelly, good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, brian, this is a specially formed committee that has brand-new subpoena power and using it, looking for documents like e-mails from 17 individuals and three organizations. i'm told to expect that will be the governor's office, his re-election campaign and the port authority . that is more than lawmakers told us to originally expect. now the governor himself is not being subpoenaed. no names were given right now. governor christie spent the day out of the jersey shore visiting with hurricane sandy survivors. his office hired an independent prosecutor, the committee that tried illinois governor rod blagojevich . the governor said he will not be distracted by this and he told constituents nothing will keep him from doing his job.