Nightly News   |  January 16, 2014

CDC Advises Pregnant Women to Avoid Charleston Water

The advisory comes 48 hours after the water was declared safe to drink.

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>>> spill that contaminated water for hundreds of thousands of people and led to contamination in cincinnati. now we're learning more from an environmental risk group. our chief correspondent anne thompson is back from covering the story for days.

>> reporter: good evening, brian, i wish i had better news but the cdc is advising pregnant women not to drink the water in charleston because they say they simply don't have enough information on the chemical that polluted the water supply , this coming hours after the water was declared safe to drink. so you can imagine the people are very upset. the cdc says there are no studies on hcsm that affects them. the cdc says it only would consider two studies done, looking at what happens when animals inject the chemicals. and it factors in animals and humans, the difference in people such as age and weight, and the factors are so little known. the cdc stands by that one part per million advisory. the company that makes mchm, eastman, says it will put the studies on its website tomorrow. and it appears the most recent study was done in 1997 , eastman says this was the first incident involving this