Nightly News   |  January 17, 2014

Hiroo Onoda, WWII Japanese Army officer, Dies at 91

Onoda, who stayed hidden on a jungle island in the Philippines for decades after the end of WWII, eventually came out of hiding and received a hero’s welcome in Japan.

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>>> his personal story is still repeated to this day. usually as a metaphor to describe someone who is the last hold out. hiroo onoda has died the japanese army officer who stayed hidden on a jungle ninld the philippines for 29 years after the end of world war ii because he refused to believe the war was over. he returned to japan in 1974 and found his modern country unrecognizable. he had survived on coconuts and bananas. he killed animals and the occasional vill ager. he returned to japan to a hero's welcome. he always said he was acting on final orders to stand and fight. hirao onoda was 91 years old.