Nightly News   |  January 18, 2014

More Retailers Targeted in Cyber Attack

A big cyber security firm says that at least six other retailers apart from Target are under attack.

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>>> there is now a warning that cyber attacks like the ones that used to steal personal data from 100 million target and nieman marcus customers are ongoing. a big cyber security firm says at least six other security firms are currently under attack. we'll get the latest on what is known from nbc's stephanie gosk.

>> reporter: the virus to steal data from 110 million target shoppers is infecting other shoppers. nieman marcus says it went undetected for nearly 6 months. now a cyber security company intel crawler says at least six other retailers are under attack by hackers.

>> it's highly probable that more merchants have to come forward and let their consumers know that there's been a problem.

>> they don't name the other businesses but it does identify an alleged mastermind behind the virus, a 17-year-old from st. petersburg, russia. a separate report by another security firm confirms target's system was attacked using a virus. the agency eyesight which is working with the secret service does not reveal how infiltrators attacked target's network but describes how the virus works secretly siphoning off personal data at point of sale. as soon as customers use swipe machines, card numbers, pins, phone numbers , e-mails were ripped off. some shoppers are only now finding out that their information has been compromised. this is an e-mail from the usaa savings bank to one of their customers letting her know that to avoid unauthorized transactions they're sending her a new card. target's vice advice for customers? customers?

>> if you're concerned, change your pin. if you want a new card, we'll get you a new card.

>> hackers are sending a new message, for today, stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york.