Nightly News   |  January 19, 2014

Hoboken Mayor Questioned Over Allegations

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s allegations against Chris Christie’s office raises questions about her credibility and her timing.

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>>> a new jersey mayor found herself on the defensive today about the timing of her accusations of governor chris christie 's administration. tying money for her city after hurricane sandy to her support of a governor's project.

>> reporter: while huddling with big donors in florida, chris christie woke up to new headlines, a claim by democratic mayor of strong arm tactics that cut her off to funds after hurricane sandy. now vowing to investigate.

>> she's perhaps one of the first mayors to actually come forward and say this specific thing happened. i think the committee needs to look at the facts, hear her story, look at the e-mails.

>> reporter: hoboken mayor dawn zimmer says christie threatened her that unless she backed a billion dollar project that her city would lose money.

>> i would stake my life on it, i will go testify. i will take a lie detector test and i will say to him and his administration, will you do the same?

>> reporter: but zimmer faces new questions about her credibility and her timing.

>> she also said she liked working with governor christie . you have to look at her current statement in light of her former statements before this became an orchestrated pile-on.

>> reporter: barbara bono took a swipe today saying good dawn zimmer came forward but question is, why did she wait until she smelled blood in the water? zimmer sounded uncertain as to whether sandy funds had been when would by payback.

>> with 20/20 hindsight, with what is going on now, you can say, okay, it's retribution. probably all mayors are reflecting right now and thinking about it. but, you know, i really hope that that's not the case.

>> reporter: in interviews this weekend she said she didn't mention the sandy threat before because she feared no one would believe her and she was still in the process of deciding to come forward. christie 's camp calls her accusations categorically false, saying hoboken got $17 million in funds for recovery, on par for other cities. and that the amount was over one-third of allstate resources for a city that is only two square miles . state lawmakers investigating the george washington bridge traffic jam say they are powered to also investigate these new charges as well as any allegation of abuse of government power and that could allow new jersey democrats to go after christie for some time to come. lester?