Nightly News   |  January 01, 1910

Jamaican Bobsledders Head to the Olympics

The Jamaican bobsled team hope to prove that they are not just a novelty act and that they are in it, to win it.

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>>> finally, tonight, the sochi olympics is a comeback for a bobsled team that's known for sand and sun than snow and ice, but now qualified to race in sochi .

>> look at the turn. world record !

>> home to some of the world's fastest men and women on two feet. while jamaica has plenty of places to run, what it does have is ice. which is what makes this story of the jamaican bobsled team as improbable as it is endearing. and now, after failing to qualify for the last two olympics, the jamaicans are heading back to the games.

>> knowing for a fact we're still alive, the jamaican bobsled team is still alive.

>> veteran and captain winston watts, who came out of retirement to lead this team has, for months, pushed his squad uphill to qualify for sochi , with a group short on experience and sponsors.

>> the thing is, we're one of the most famous teams in the world but the most poorest team ever.

>> famous because of this movie. " cool runnings " was a loose account of the jamaican bobsled's debut in calvary, where they became the darling underdogs of the games. most of the team is too young to identify with the calvary games but identify with " cool runnings ." they make their training headquarters in wyoming, not far from the olympic track in park city , utah. as they look forward to sochi , their hearts are back on the islands. how much joy would it bring jamaica to see a team carrying the flag into the stadium?

>> it will be such an honor for me, plus the teammate that i'm with there, plus the whole entire country.

>> reporter: now the jamaican bobsledders have proven to competitors and sponsors that they are no novelty act and are in it to win.

>> we are not a bunch of jokers. not because the movie came out. we are true athletes. we are serious contenders.

>> watts and